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Hey, I'm Gabby! Some might recognize me by my last name which means Five Lions (Cinco=5 + leon=lion). Interestingly, I am a part of a family of 5… 6 including my dog. My top artistic influencers growing up are my uncles. All seven of my mother's brothers are creative people with a passion and talent for music and visual arts. One out of seven pursues a career in the arts which was encouraging for me to continue drawing and improving my skills. It was exciting, knowing that people can draw and create impactful things for a living. What I think is really fascinating about graphic design, is how a voice can be portrayed through a design piece. I am a soft-spoken girl but I make sure that the right voice stands out in any design.

Branding, illustration, print and motion graphics are my specialties. I’m an innovative thinker and problem solver who enjoys learning new things. In my work, I’m all about simplicity with effectiveness. Feel free to check out my other artwork or contact me! All links in the contact section.