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Currently a Graphic Designer at GreenreBrand.

Hey, I'm Gabby! Some might recognize me by my last name which means Five Lions (Cinco=5 + leon=lion). My main artistic influencers are my closest uncles. All were talented, self-taught musicians. As a growing, self-taught artist myself, their passion was always inspiring to me. When I learned what graphic design was, it further ignited my passion to create impactful things for a living with art. One fascinating thing about graphic design, is that there is always a specific voice portrayed in the form of beautiful design. I am a soft-spoken woman but with design, I make sure that the right voice reaches the desired target audience.

Branding, print and motion graphics are my specialties. I’m a problem solver who enjoys learning new artistic skills and facts about my clients. Feel free to check out my other artwork or contact me!