Philippines Independence Day



The objective was to create a simple illustration for a social media post promoting Philippiness Independence Day.


The Philippines is a tropical country in Southeast Asia which is where my family migrated from. After a long history of colonization, they finally became an independent country on June 12, 1898.

Final Product

This piece illustrates my Filipino pride and it was posted on social media to thank my family for all of the sacrifices they have made for the following generations. My family migrated to Canada for better living opportunities. Since I cannot speak Tagalog (the main Filipino language), this was used to visually expresses how I truly embrace my culture.

The final execution shows a silhouette of a girl, representing myself with the Filipino flag masked inside of it. The colour palette consists of the national flag colours: blue, red, yellow and white, as well as dark brown for the hair. Without words, this overall illustration says that the culture flows in my blood.