1, 2, Step – Ciara

Kinetic Type Video to Song Lyrics
1, 2, Step by Ciara Kinetic Type video screenshot banner


The challenge was to animate the lyrics of a song into a short clip. This motion graphics project is entirely made using typography elements and NO ILLUSTRATIONS! Simple movement and colours of the type was all that was needed to make this video expressive of the lyrics.


The chosen song for this project is called 1, 2, Step by Ciara. It is an upbeat song that makes people want to dance or sing along.

Final Product

The final result turned out great although I was still quite new with Adobe After Effects at the time. Each word/letter appears and disappears with accurate timing and smooth transitioning. Colours were kept minimal: black, orange and white. The simple colour palette emphasized the genre of the song which is hip-hop and dance of the 90s. Overall, this lyric video is very appealing both visually and audibly, which are important for many online users and viewers.


Process of typography layout ideas for the video
Process of building the video in Adobe After Effects